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Application deadline 24-02-2015
Event date 05-03-2015 t/m 06-03-2015


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05-03-2015 t/m 06-03-2015
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Are you a Master student in Engineering in the Benelux? Then this is your chance to meet ExxonMobil and discover what it’s like to start your career at one of our refineries or chemical plants! Join us on a 1- or 2-day expedition to our plants in Antwerp and Rotterdam. During this dynamic trip you’ll get a good overview of what we do, and you’ll find out whether working at ExxonMobil is something for you!

We encourage you to participate in the full 2-day program, as this will give you the most complete picture of career possibilities at ExxonMobil. We understand however that your time may be limited, and in that case you can elect to participate only to the first day in Antwerp. For both options we’ll provide transportation from and to your universities, as well as all meals and accommodation during the course of the event.

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March 5th – Antwerp Refinery – Full program / Single day alternative

We’ll start the event in the morning at the Antwerp Refinery, one of ExxonMobil’s worldwide flagship plants. The time you are picked up at your university will depend on the travel distance to Antwerp, aiming to arrive around 9:00am. After a welcome breakfast, we’ll start the day with an overview of ExxonMobil’s activities worldwide and in the Benelux, as explained by one of our senior managers. Pretty quickly though you’ll be put to work: in teams, you’ll be given the task to optimize, buy, blend and trade crude oil for several European refineries in a virtual market. You’ll need some quick thinking to capitalize on opportunities and come out on top as the most profitable Refinery. After an informal lunch you’ll finalize your strategy, and present it to a panel.

The case will give you an idea of how a refinery operates, which we’ll then illustrate by giving you a tour of the Antwerp facilities. Our visit to the Antwerp site will end with a presentation on careers at ExxonMobil: what you can expect from a starter position as well as from a long term career. We’ll then drive to a restaurant in town for a well-deserved dinner, which will also be a chance for you to interact with both our young employees and some experienced managers.
The dinner will mark the end of the single-day program, and this group will be transported back to their universities. With the participants to the full program we’ll travel to Rotterdam, where we’ll close the day in style with a pop-quiz and some drinks before checking into our hotel.

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March 6th – Rotterdam Refinery & Aromatics Plant – Full program only

On Friday, after checking out from the hotel we’ll take you to our Botlek site, home to one of our largest chemical plants: the Rotterdam Aromatics Plant. The plant is strongly integrated with the Rotterdam Refinery, and the visit will give you an idea of how ExxonMobil’s chemical business fits into the bigger picture. One of our senior managers will give you an overview of the different Rotterdam sites, and how they interact with each other. After a personal tour of the aromatics plant, we’ll take a break for lunch.

The afternoon program kicks off with a presentation on one of the recent major projects that was implemented at the Aromatics Plant. Developing and executing large projects is an integral part of our business, and this session will give you an idea on how these projects evolve from conception to startup, illustrated with lots of visual material. We’ll then put you back to work! In a second business game, you’ll again be analytically challenged, but this time the true deciding factor will be who can negotiate most effectively. Prepare to be challenged! After a short break we’ll end the afternoon program with speed-dating rounds with a wide variety of ExxonMobil representatives.

We’ll end our 2-day excursion with another well-deserved dinner at a prime location in Rotterdam, getting you back to your universities in the late evening.

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We will take care of all transportation and accommodation arrangements from your university and back. More exact timings will be communicated once you are invited.

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