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Example cover letter

Here you can find some good examples of how your cover letter should look like when you want to apply for an internship.

In addition to your resume is your cover letter a different business card that you can use in the start-up phase. Although many companies today work with a assessment and or a test to see if you are suitable for the position the cover letter is still used for an open application or internship application. The letter can be sent with the old-fashioned post but can also be sent by e-mail as an attachment.

Parts that are of great importance in a cover letter are:

  1.  What are your qualities 
  2.  Your motivation to work at the company; What speaks to you in the company and the function 
  3.  Why your qualities match a company


Design example cover letter:

applicant Name
Street + number
city postal code + city
Name company
Attn: Drh/Mevr. Last name
Street + number
City Postal code + city

date (day, month year written out)

subject: ... ....

Dear Madam/Sir Surname,

First paragraph: where you find the vacancy and brief introduction who and why you have written the letter.

Second paragraph: Write about yourself, who you are, where you like and how you can deploy qualities. What is the added value of a yours within the company.

Third paragraph: why you like to work at the company. What your motivation is to at the company to want to work.

Fourth paragraph: the concluding paragraph. You can briefly lists all points in an appropriate way.

Formal greeting,

name applicant

Annex lock: curriculum Vitae