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Application deadline 30-04-2015
Event date 08-05-2015



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Finance & Risk Inhouseday

The world of finance is a fast-changing environment. ING is a place where you will serve both our customers and the society. ING is continuously looking for ways to improve; innovation and flexibility play an important role.

Are you considering a traineeship? Do you, as a trainee, want have impact on the future of banking?  The ING traineeship allows you to take charge of your future, while working with us to improve our business at the same time. How will you change banking?

Do you have affinity with numbers? Are you ready for a future role as a High-Value Risk Specialist, or in the longer term, perhaps as a Manager of Risk Specialists? Or are you interested in becoming an Accountant or, in the longer term as a Financial Manager or Business Consultant? Join our combined ING Inhouse event for Finance & Risk! During this event you will learn about both these tracks within our ING traineeship. And you will experience how the two domains work together. 

As a trainee in the track Risk you will develop essential skills that will enable you to identify, measure, analyse and assess the likelihood of certain risks, helping us to secure the ongoing financial stability of our business. As a trainee in the track Finance, you will gain a wealth of experience in dealing with and simplifying complex figures. You’ll receive intensive training and ongoing support to ensure that you can fulfil your true potential and to make a real difference at ING. 

In both traineeships, you’ll receive intensive training and ongoing support to ensure that you can fulfil your true potential and to make a real difference at ING. You create your own chances and shape your own career by the choices you make as a trainee. Also, you get the opportunity to do one of your projects abroad. 

There is only one way to truly get your application started: join the combined ING Inhouse event Risk & Finance on  Friday 8 May 2015. During this day we will show you how the various departments work together within ING and what your role and impact as a trainee can be. We’re interested to meet you. Tell us what you have in mind and how you will change banking. Are you ready to realise your full potential?

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What to expect

We’ve set up an interesting day where you’ll get a chance to: 
• Meet our senior Finance & Risk management 
• Experience the ING culture and get to know everything about the ING traineeship
• Participate in a real life Finance & Risk case 
• Meet current Finance and Risk Trainees trainees and ask all your questions about their experiences

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We are looking for

- 3rd year Bachelor and Master students
- Preferably studying Accounting & Control, Business Administration, Economics, Econometrics, (Quantitative) Finance and Mathematics 

If your application gets the go-ahead, we will invite you to take part in the Inhouse event Finance & Risk.

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Do you want to start as a ING trainee

The Inhouse event will help you to get a place in the programme. After the event you can apply for the traineeship. 

If you want to start as a Risk trainee per 1 October, please make sure you are available for the full duration of the selection process after the inhouse event. There are no Finance positions available anymore for October 2015. The next class starts in April 2016. 

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Do you want to start in spring 2016

This event will give us a great opportunity to get acquainted. You’ll have ample opportunity to meet ING and its trainees. You’re very welcome to apply! 

You can have a look at the total selection procedure for the ING International Talent Programme here

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How to apply?

Apply online and add your CV and motivation letter. Make sure we receive your application before 1 May 2015, 9.00 am.  

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