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2.1 Thesis subjects

To choose a subject for your thesis is hard. What is a good subject and what are points you have to think about? helps you with finding the right subject.

Choosing your subject is one of the first steps when you start writing your thesis. It is import to start in time. A good subject helps you to write a thesis of high quality faster. Of course it is nice to write about a subject which you like, but how do you choose the right subject which is also currently interesting?

Step 1: What are the conditions?

It is important to know beforehand which are the demands for your thesis. Sometimes your university provides several subjects, where you can choose from. It is possible that you have to choose a currently interesting subject yourself. Then it is important to know the demands.

Step 2:Kind of research
It can be valuable to know what kind of research you are interested in. Think about if you want to use literature or maybe you want to do an experiment. This could be important when choosing your subject.

Step 3:Getting information
It is important that you like the theme that you choose, but also keep the future in mind. In what branch do you want to work and how can your thesis help you? Consult as many sources as you can, think about newspapers, courses you have taken, scientific literature or the database of your university. Professors, friends, family, colleagues and fellow students can advise you when choosing your subject. Write all the subjects down and make a selection of the subjects which are the most appealing.

Step 4: Making a choice
After gathering all the information, you can make a top three. Your thesis supervisor can help you choose from your selection. It is important that you read all the information before you make your definitive choice.

At last, it is important to know that the subject of your thesis can add value to scientific research and the practical section you are writing your thesis for.

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