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1st prize
€3 000

Join the competition and win € 3,000!

You are writing your Bachelor's, Master's or Research Master's thesis, or dissertation about a topic related to Netspar's research program. Send us your thesis and you may win € 3,000!

The Netspar Thesis Awards are presented for outstanding theses at all levels and for best dissertation. In every category, a prize of € 3,000 is available.

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Importance of aging issues

By the year 2050, nearly 35% of the European population will be aged 60 and over. The aging issue raises numerous questions. In particular with the current financial crisis. For example:
  • How do we maintain a sustainable pension system?
  • How do pensioners spend their money and how do they make financial decisions?
  • What is the impact of aging on economics and finance in general?
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To enter the competition and be eligible for these Netspar prizes, the following conditions and guidelines are important:
  • Students enrolled in any of the educational programs offered by universities worldwide may participate;
  • The thesis/dissertation topic should be related to Netspar's research program;
  • The thesis/dissertation can either be based on academic literature or can be written during an internship at one of Netspar's partners;
  • The thesis/dissertation has to be defended between September 15, 2014 and October 15, 2015;
  • The criteria to select winners are:
    • Academic quality;
    • Fits Netspar's research program;
    • Fits the interest of Netspar's non-academic partners;
    • Creativity.
  • The final submission date for nominations is October 15, 20145
  • The Editorial Board of Netspar selects the winners;
  • The awards will be presented at the Netspar International Pension Workshop in January 2016.
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Thesis Match-Maker Total Award €4.000

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Communicatie, Sales
Ben jij klaar voor een eerste of tweede stap in je carrière en zit jij vol ambitie & energie? Wil jij aan de slag bij een internationale, ondernemende organisatie waar de nadruk ligt op het ontwikkelen van jouw leiderschapskwal...
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