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MicrosoftInternship Software Development at Bing (Munchen - Duitsland)

Application deadline 28-12-2015
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28-12-2015 (For Past)


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As a Software Development Intern, you will provide crucial impetus for the further development of our Bing search engine. Working together with global experts, you will also learn and experience a great deal, benefitting immensely in terms of personal development.


Our team’s efforts are focused on improving the relevance of search results through continuous innovation and improvement of ranking techniques. If you have experience and passion in areas such as machine learning, large scale data mining, parallel and/or distributed processing, high performance computing, or natural language processing, then we have a great opportunity for you. Web search on the internet is a large scale distributed problem with exacting needs in speed, accuracy, and comprehensiveness and improving search relevance across markets poses unique challenges seldom found at this scale. 

As an intern you will contribute to improving our core services and processes with a focus on increasing both product quality and engineering efficiency at a rapid pace. You will work on distributed systems with tens of thousands of computers to analyze information from billions of documents in a matter of milliseconds. Further, you will have an opportunity to closely collaborate with world class researchers and developers around the globe.

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Student Explorer Program (STEP) at Microsoft

As an intern/working student, you will be a fully-fledged member of our Microsoft community. You will gain interesting and exciting insights into our daily operations and receive intensive support and advice. Of course, there's also plenty of fun to be had along the way. You will, moreover, gather valuable contacts, exchange knowledge with experts and get to know the other interns and working students during the many networking events.

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Your daily tasks

You will contribute toward optimizing our important services and processes with the objective of raising the bar in terms of both product quality and efficiency

In this respect, you will work on and with decentralized systems consisting of several tens of thousands of computers that process information from billions of documents in only a few milliseconds

By collaborating closely with recognized international researchers and developers, you will expand your know-how and your skills at breathtaking speed, advancing your own personal performance in doing so

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Your profile

Ability to develop efficient, pragmatic solutions

  Motivated and creative, with strong communication and social skills, excellent English (spoken and written)

  Desire to achieve top performance within an international, professional team

  Profound knowledge in traditional software engineering, meaning software design, testing, coding/programming, and eventually web development

  Confident in building and improving internal debugging tools (the tool development will involve UI development, data mining and visualization)

  SQL and database experience are of advantage

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Do you share our passion and our vision for the future? Then apply online for this internship or working student position. We look forward to hearing from you!


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