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Application deadline 30-01-2014
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30-01-2014 (For Past)


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Asset Optimization and Trading (AOT) is the Business Division where all Asset Optimization and Trading activities are centralized for the Vattenfall Group. Our activities are multi-site located across Europe with more than 600 professionals working from Sweden, Germany, The Netherlands, Denmark and Poland. We trade the full range of energy commodities such as electricity, gas, oil, coal, freight, renewable energies and emissions, take responsibility for a diversified sourcing of power, fuels and carbon credits and optimise the running and hedging of Vattenfall’s generation assets. These efforts are the basis for maximum profitability and continuous business growth.

Vattenfall is the number four utility in Europe, and is active in the production, marketing and trading of power and gas in Europe. Vattenfall started with the production of hydro power in Sweden, and has taken over various utilities in continental Europe (including Nuon).

Currently Vattenfall is producing hydro, solar, wind, nuclear, gas, biomass and coal derived power. The ability to switch form source of power, and production location, enables Vattenfall to be one of the leading power traders in Europe. Vattenfall’s trading takes place in three different locations. Stockholm focus primarily on the Nordic power, Hamburg focus on the continental power, whereas Amsterdam is solely responsible for the gas and fuels trading.

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Freight Trading

Freight trading desk is part of the fuels team. The freight desk is servicing the other fuel desks (biomass, coal and oil) with the transport of fuels by ship to our power plants and third party clients. Besides organising the transport of in house requirements, the freight desk is actively operating (hired) vessels world wide, and trading the freight derivative markets.

Freight is a good indicator for future demand for commodities and industrial activity. Meanwhile, it is regarded as a commodity itself. However freight is different in its behaviour due to the fact that you can’t store freight, and the underlying vessels are sailing around the globe.

Freight rates are in the long run highly correlated to the underlying supply / demand ratio. This supply / demand ratio is continuously out of balance, making freight one of the most volatile markets to trade.

As all vessels around the world are tracked by satellites these days, the supply side is becoming more and more transparent. This internship will be about analysing the satellite data, and modelling it in such a way that this data can be used to predict available supply of ships in specific regions for the weeks ahead

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Your profile

  • Interest in joining a trading desk
  • Student in the final stage of a University Masters degree
  • Good knowledge of mathematics, statistics, modelling (Linear programming, Regression based modelling, Neural networks, Manipulation of large data sets)
  • Duration approximately 6 months (start Feb)
  • Programming experience in SQL, Matlab
  • Studying & living in the Netherlands
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Our offer

We offer a place to learn about working in the European Energy Markets, a high-paced environment comparable to any of the Global Markets. You will learn about the trading environment and its commodities, such as oil, gas, coal, and power. For interns we have a fixed compensation.

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More info

We look forward to your application! For specific questions about this internship please contact Leanne Koele & Freya Lipka,

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