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In continuous steel slab casters, liquid steel is poured into a casting mould continuously. In the mould the outer shell of the steel solidifies and a continuous liquid core steel strand leaves from the bottom of the mould. A stable level of liquid steel in the mould is important for increasing production speed, for the prevention of overflows and for the quality of the strand. The level in the mould of Tata Steel’s Direct Sheet Plant (DSP) inIJmuidenis controlled by restricting the inflow of the liquid steel using an H∞‑controller with a Youla-parameterized bulging compensator. This controller has been developed by Tata Steel R&D and is undergoing a revamp now.

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Tata Steel is a leading international company that produces and supplies high quality steel products. The company has about 80,000 employees and has production facilities in many different countries worldwide, mainly inIndia,UKand theNetherlands. The Strip Rolling & Control (SR&C) department is part of Tata Steel Research & Development and is based inIJmuiden, theNetherlands. SR&C initiates industrial innovations for the production of steel strip products by optimising existing and developing new process technology.

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You are a BSC student in the field of Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Physics specialization control engineering. You are enthusiast, perseverant, result driven and looking for an internship or graduation assignment in an industrial R&D environment.

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Recently two MSc assignments were conducted on a laboratory water model of the DSP mould within Tata Steel. In the first assignment a system identification experiment was designed and performed. That resulted in a more accurate model of the dynamics of the water model’s mould level system. In the second assignment the mould level controller was optimized on the basis of the newly modelled dynamics. That resulted in a significantly more stable mould level in the water model, which showed the potential of the followed approach for the DSP mould level system.

The current assignment should result in a controller redesign for the DSP mould level system. The work will be founded on the water model identification and controller optimization, but also new experiments at both the water model and the DSP will be required. First the mould level system of the water model must be identified for a broader range of situations (several strand widths, casting speeds and entry nozzles). Depending on the outcomes of these experiments, the water model’s mould level controller might be undergoing a redesign and additional tests. Next the DSP mould level system must be identified and compared with the identified water model system. The final step is to redesign the DSP mould level controller.

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If you would like to respond to this assignment, go to our website. Or call us: 0251-494000. The website also has an overview of all our internship assignments and graduation projects.

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