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Application deadline 15-06-2016
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Background information
The primary purpose of this position is coordinating packaging artwork projects from design lock through to commercially reproducible mechanical artwork and separations in a timely manner. The position must interface with internal teams (such as Marketing, R&D, Supply Chain)  who provide pre-mechanical data and artwork content, and also external partners (PMAs, design agencies, Printers, etc.) who deliver the work in the form of mechanical artwork and printed packaging.
You will be responsible for initiating and managing projects within the Artwork Management System, and will also be working within a multifunctional project team to deliver projects on time. You will also provide technical advice and input in the design, artwork and print phase of the project to ensure that brand quality and consistency is maintained through the artwork process.
Responsibilities & Accountabilities
•Manage, and be accountable for, the timely delivery of mechanical artwork and separation files to printers / suppliers in order to deliver packaging on a timely basis (OTIF);
•Create all projects in the Artwork Management System and manage delivery through this system following the Artwork process and System workflows;
•Consult with Marketing and cross functional project team on timeline development, manage production process issues and act as first point of contact for external production vendors. Provide transparency back to Marketing and project leaders regarding progress and timeline compliance of their projects to enable them to follow up with other functional team members for task completion;
•Set-up and run pre-production meetings bringing together design agencies, PMAs and printers to ensure that quality and consistency is maintained from artwork through to print phase of the process;
•Ensure that design files (Master-Design Toolbox) are created according to UL specifications and handed off properly to PMA;
•Approve color reliable proofs (which will become a contract proof once it is signed) on behalf of Marketing to ensure that the proof meets marketing’s expectations;
•Approve color standards (1st press pass) if not covered by Supplier (PMA);
•Provide expert guidance and input to Marketing regarding technical requirements for print production and potential challenges; make recommendations for best possible execution within budget and timing;
•Check work confirmation from PMA with regards to accuracy of content for work performed. Report work confirmation approval to party responsible for invoice approval;
•Ensure that the PMA follows the approved Rate card for costing, and that the PMA receives an order number for work that is being completed following the procure to pay process.
•Coordinating various projects simultaneously; working with multiple cross-functional team members as well as multiple external vendors;
•Managing the external vendor’s compliance within agreed lead time and quality of delivery;
•Ensuring that all PMAs are in compliance with UL standards and guidelines for mechanical artwork creation. (e.g., naming convention, software, etc.);
•Manage and report on PMA performance based on UL evaluation criteria;
•Functioning as a technical expert / consultant and business partner to Marketing teams from design to artwork to print phase of the process;
•Influencing the improvement to artwork management efficiency through project management, process compliance, visibility of artwork KPI’s and ways of working within the team.
This position will be responsible for several brands and categories at the same time. This may be across market clusters or countries. There is no central time zone and therefore the position may have to work in several different environments. The individual must also coordinate multiple external vendors, with vendors in most cases being outside of their country/region/time zones. This will require interaction with many departments to manage all projects as per the artwork process.
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Skills & Experience

You are fluent in English, both written and verbal;
•You have good communication skills and teamwork;
•You are highly computer literate;
•You have a background in print, design, or design project management. Either through studies or part-time studies;
•You have some basic experience in the area of packaging: print production, print management, and possibly graphic design, package development, supply management, etc.;
•You have a customer service mindset.
•Practical creativity;
•Enterprising behavior;
•Influencing others.

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We offer you a dynamic environment in which people with energy, creativity and passion work together. There are good opportunities to pursue your professional and personal goals and develop yourself on national and international level.

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