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Main Purpose:

The successful delivery of this position will help the acceleration of MCOs towards becoming Sustainable Business MCOs, where outstanding business results and delivery against our USLP targets and Brand Purpose ambitions progress hand-in-hand.

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Business context:

The Unilever Sustainable Living Plan is our pioneering and strategic response to the unprecedented challenges the world faces.  It is at the heart of our Compass strategy, which sets out our ambitious vision: To double the size of our business, while halving our environmental footprint and increasing our positive social impact. 


Since the launch of the Plan in 2010, MCOs across Unilever have embraced the principles of the Plan, developing and implemented a wide range of local programmes as well as participating in global programmes, ranging from procurement and manufacturing to employee and consumer engagement.


The good work that has already taken place provides a solid platform for MCOs to move to the next step: to become Sustainable Business MCOs.


The Sustainable Business Markets (SBM) team formed within the SB&C function in H2 2015 to work with MCOs to help accelerate the transformation of MCOs to Sustainable Businesses.


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Key elements of the SBM team 2016 work plan:

- The Sustainable Business MCO Workshop

A one-day workshop for the MCO EVP and LT, which explores the opportunities that are available within that market, and defines and prioritises projects that deliver both business and USLP results.


- Sustainable Business Strategies (SBS)

SBS is a framework for focusing the programmes that take place in the MCO against a simple but powerful set of criteria that supports the transition to Sustainable Business.


To support these two programmes, the team also develop and manage a range of supporting processes, services and tools and facilitate a Sustainable Business network for the MCO SB&C teams.

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Your Internship role in the Sustainable Business Markets team:

There are six workshops scheduled to take place in H2 2016. The output of each workshop is a set of approximately five Sustainable Business Strategies (programmes) that the MCO will then focus on delivering.


Within the workshop programme we have developed the flow and material to allow the workshop group to arrive at this set of Sustainable Business Strategies (SBS). As we work with markets and learn more, we recognise that the material we use to capture the SBS within the workshop can be improved.


We also recognise that, in previous workshops, we have not done enough to ensure the delivery of the output SBS and to track progress after the workshop.


Your six month internship role will be to work with the Sustainable Business Markets Director and the Sustainable Business MCO Workshop Manager to help address these gaps in our current programmes.

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- You will help improve the workshop material used to set the Sustainable Business Strategies and ensure that the material is clear and fit-for-purpose. To do this you will need to build an understanding of the Sustainable Business Strategy framework.


- Following the workshops you will work with the MCO teams to help then set their programmes within the framework.


- You will also work with the I&A and other teams to help develop the process and tools for collecting and reporting progress on the SBS.


It is expected that the core tasks of this job will take 75% of your time. In the remaining 25% you will be expected to contribute, as a member of the team, to all aspects of the work we do, which will help you gain a wider understanding of how Sustainability is a lever of growth in our business.


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Ways of Working

The Sustainable Business Markets team is a small team of three people all located in different countries. This means that much of our interaction within the team and with the markets is done through Skype and phone calls.


This means that you will need to be self-starter, able to work in a geographically spread team.

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