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Application deadline 29-05-2016
Start date 01-09-2016



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Den Haag
29-05-2016 (For Past)




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You Matter

NN Group is an insurance and asset management company active in more than 18 countries,with a strong history that stretches back 170 years. NN Group includes Nationale-Nederlanden, NN and NN Investment Partners.

At NN we want to make financial services more personal and relevant for our customers. That is why we need people like you. People who tend to look after other people, are used to taking initiative and responsibility and don’t give up before they achieve something.

NN Group offers you a traineeship in which you can progress strongly in your personal development with the right support. Together we can build something that really matters. In a working environment where you can shape your own growth and your personality, talents and ideas really matter.

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The traineeship

The traineeship will start at the 1st of September in 2016 and consists of the following 5 tracks:

  • General Management 
  • Finance
  • Risk
  • IT Management
  • HR

The program will last three years in which you will fulfill two positions of 1,5 years. Since you will start immediately in a position we are looking for talents that already know what they want and can be of value immediately. In the period of 1,5 years you will thoroughly develop your talents and expertise and learn a lot from your experience. After that you will take the next step and apply your talents in an even more challenging role. This 2nd role will preferably be in another department than where you have started so you will get a better understanding of NN Group as a whole.

Learning on the job will play a significant role in your development. For this a manager and/or an experienced senior will coach you. A talent manager will coach you in your personal and career development during the whole program.

During the 3 years you will build up a strong network with your fellow trainees. You will learn a lot from intensive cooperation with your fellow trainees due to the diversity in backgrounds and expertise.

Together you will participate in a learning journey that will be centered around personal development, problem solving, insurance, change management, innovation and so on. You will get a lot of freedom and possibilities to shape the program with your peers. We expect you to take opportunities as they arise and solve problems that you encounter.

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Change leader

We challenge you to be a change leader within NN Group. This means that you will be involved with several initiatives to innovate products and processes, and also help other employees achieve this. As a change leader you will have an important role in our culture change and we expect you to apply your talents optimally for the organization.

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IT management

NN is currently undergoing an enormous transition toward a new digital era. Your role will contribute to saving, securing and reporting from the Business Warehouse and will successfully combine and analyze terabytes of cloud-data through the newest business intelligence applications. The IT management traineeship offers you the possibility to determine the new direction on an operational, tactical and strategic level, as a project manager or information analyst. After completing the IT Management Traineeship, you can choose from two options: You can develop more in-depth IT knowledge; or develop yourself in the field of general management. The IT Traineeship is open for both Dutch and international students with a sufficient level of the English language. 

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Are you the new IT Trainee we are looking for?

  • You have your Masters-degree in IT or Business (or you expect to graduate in the coming months). 
  • You have a strong interest in IT. Especially when you have a business related Master. This interest is important since IT will playa n important role in your work.
  • You have well developed analytical skills.
  • You have a maximum of 2 years work experience from the moment you graduated.
  • You have significant experience in the field of project management. This ca nbe in a leadership role, but also in other roles. As long as you clearly show whichaddedvalueyou have shown in various situations
  • You are ambitious to get the best out of yourself and to develop yourself towards senior roles
  • You have a strong self-awareness and you know what you want
  • You have well developed communication skills 
  • You have a proactive attitude that shows in extracurricular activities (topsports, entrepreneurship, committees, work experience)
  • You are resultdriven (even when confronted with resistance)
  • You show personality.
  • You speak fluently in English.
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The application procedure

All new NN trainees will start on 1 September 2016. The registration has opened and the process will be divided in three stages, as stated in point 4. We value the personality of our applicants and find it very important to get to know you once you apply. We want to find out how you can be of added value for NN and especially our customers. Also, we want to make sure you get to know NN. This will help us decide if you are a suitable candidate and, equally important, it will help you decide if you want to continue your application with us. Apart from certain basic criteria such as a Masters degree, we will focus on you as an individual. We would like to invite you to do the same and to include this in your application. Additionaly, we are curious to hear about your vision on society, our part in society as an insurance company and how you want to contribute to that.

Stage 1: Motivation letter and resume
After you apply, we will get back to you within one week to confirm your application, after the application deadline you will hear if you are invited to complete the online capability test. As mentioned earlier, we value getting to know you as an individual very highly, please pay attention to this from the beginning onward!

We would like to ask you to process the following questions in your motivation letter:

  1. What is your vision on current, relevant developments in society?
  2. What do you consider the appropriate way for NN to deal with these developments?
  3. What would you personally like to contribute to these developments?

Stage 2: Online capability-test

Once you are invited to stage 2, we invite you to complete the online capability-test, executed by PiCompany. The test will consist of several components, such as series of numbers, series of figures and matrices. Within a few days after completing the test we will get back to inform you if you get to continue to stage 3.

Stage 3: Interview with two NN-employees.
In this stage we will invite you to the NN office to have an interview with two NN-employees. We find it very important that both the applicant and the NN-employees have an equal role in this interview.

Please do not hesitate to ask questions and just be yourself!

Stage 4: Talent Selection Day
If you are through to the next stage, you will be invited to the Talent Selection Day. Please have a look below to see the three possible moments to apply for this internship. During this day you will be invited to take part in a challenging program with various assignments. These assignments are designed so that we can get an even clearer image of you and your motivation to come and work for NN.

Please note: the spots won’t be divided evenly and we use a first-in, first-serve approach to the applications. The earlier you apply, the more spots will be available. We also hold ourselves to the right to cancel the last Talent Selection Day, if we have been able to find enough suitable candidates earlier on in the process.

Application Deadline                         Talent Selection Day
3 April 2016                                      3 & 4 May 2016
1 May 2016                                      1 June 2016
(29 May 2016 *optional)                    (27 June 2016 optional)
 * Please note: the application deadline of 29 May is only optional; please make sure to apply before 1 May!

Stage 5: Interview with two managers
In this last round you will have your last interview with two managers of the position you may possibly start. Again, also in this round we find it very important to get to know you as an individual and your personal motivation to work for NN. You will also be invited to share your opinion on the Insurance business and current relevant cases.

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Testimonial - Emin Tarık Baki

When I first saw the Traineeship opportunities within NN Group, I was not aware of the company. It was brand new for the international people, yet have a long history holds for the Dutch as Nationale Nederlanden. The more I read about history, the better and big picture I had about NN. NN had a brand new vision which is ''helping people to secure their financial future". It was really appealing to be part of this vision and transformation. After I graduated, I wanted  to do something different as a job in my life. When I checked the career page, a traineeship seemed the best suited place to start. Within the Traineeship not only one, but also two different opportunities (1,5 year within your domain, 1,5 year different field) was quite interesting for me. I had a very sincere and clear application process. 

I got my first assignment in NN life pensions, Change&IT department as IT Management Trainee. In this task, I was responsible for managing near-shore transition of IT services within the department. Next to my assignment, I was motivated to get more tasks. With support of the management, I had the chance to be part of creating a digital vision within NN life and transforming the way of working (from traditional to agile) within the department. I had very insightful learning within my experience. When my assignment was over, I moved to NN Reinsurance which is a completely different working environment. Diversity of 26 nationalities, open minded people and collaboration among colleagues are quite high in this organization. Within NN Re, I continue to doing my profession as Project- & Change Manager. Currently, I’m responsible for running several projects on the platforms that support business in daily life. 

The Traineeship is a wonderful opportunity to start a career within NN. It is the door opener for further possibilities in the organization. It is great pleasure to work within NN, since all of my colleagues follows our values "care, clear, commit".  If you want to be part of the change within NN, apply today to the traineeship. For further questions and want to explore more, don't hesitate to contact with me for coffee or as dutch says "kennismaken".


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